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Tips to buy meat to make rendang Lebaran

By the Lebaran usually the mother was busy getting funds to buy and make rendang beef, although the current price of meat has reached 70 rb / kg. The supply of meat in Batam was still flooded with imported meat. Foreign origin of meat that have been outstanding, reaching 70 percent. However, the meat is guaranteed to be free from the fear of disease, good and mouth disease (FMD) and other diseases, like mad cow.

For these imported meat revenues, tight enough because starting from quarantine, because there is a special inspection in quarantine. Starting from the document until the conditions specified in regulations made minister of animal husbandry. In accordance with the rules, countries can supply the meat to Batam, only three countries, namely Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. While Singapore is only a transit (transit) only.

According to Regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 27 of 2007, meat imports are allowed into the liver and heart only for offal, and for meat variations allowed only the tail and the tongue.

Batam demand for meat for Lebaran until the end of the year as much as 286 tons. consumption of meat was in batam enough. Tradition makes rendang during Lebaranmeat cause prices to soar.

However, after circulating in the market how do we choose these meats because even though the government had to ensure that the meat is not illegal in circulation, of course, we still need to be alert.

Tips Distinguishing Various Meat Tips

There are a variety of meat market that can be consumed by a consumer society, these tips can help consumers to choose meat with a variety and quality.

Son Meat Beef / Cattle Young
* In general, a little pale, gray-white, red to white and grow old
* Consists of fine fibers
* Consistency bit flabby
* The smell and taste different from adult beef

Adult Beef

* Red meat pale
* Fibrous fine with a little fat
* Consistency clay
* The smell and taste aromatic
Sheep meat
* The flesh consists of fine fibers
* The color pink, high consistency
* A lot of fat in muscle
* The smell is very distinctive
* White fats

Daging Kambing Meat Goat

* The flesh was paler than lamb
* Fat Lemba like sheep
* Meat typical goat smell

Be careful not to choose pork!

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