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disorders include:
* Animal Sick-
Sick animals, especially those suffering from acute inflammation of internal organs, will produce meat that smells like rancid butter

* Animals in the treatment
- Animals in the treatment of antibiotics, especially with, will produce meat that smelled of the drug - drugs.

* The color of meat is not normal
Color of meat that is not normal does not necessarily harm consumers' health, but reduce taste
* Consistency is not normal meat

Unhealthy meat has low resilience (when pressed with a finger will feel soft) let alone followed

with color changes that are not normal. Then the meat is not feasible consumption

* Meat rot
Rotten meat can damage the health consumer, because it causes gastrointestinal tract disorders.
Decay can be caused by poor handling at the time of cooling, so that the activity , increased bacterial decay, or because it was left in the open in a relatively long time at room temperature,
resulting in the process of protein breakdown by enzymes in the meat.

Recognizing Deviations Meat
Chicken Berformalin

Have characteristics as follows:
- Colorful, shiny white
- Consistency is tough
- The surface of the skin taut
- Distinctive smell of formaldehyde
- Usually not a fly infestation

Chicken meat carcass (TIREN)
Have characteristics as follows:
- Carcass skin color there are blood spots on the head, neck, back, wings and chest.
- The smell of slightly rancid
- Consistency of chest and thigh muscles flabby
- State of reddish muscle fibers
- State of the blood vessels in the neck and wings covered with blood
- Color blackish red hearts
- The interior of the carcass reddish

Beef Gelonggongan
Have characteristics as follows:
- Color pale red meat
- Consistency of meat mushy
- The surface of the meat moist
- Usually the seller does not hang meat because when hanging a lot of water dripping from the meat

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