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Pig meat
* The flesh is generally white to pink
* Muscles that contain fat backs generally appear gray and white
* Fibers smooth consistency and smell specific dense

Buffalo Meat
* In general, clay, due to be slaughtered at the old age
* Coarse muscle fibers and white fat
* It was almost the same as beef

Chicken Meat
* Color pale white meat
* The chest muscles and thigh muscles rubbery
* Smells a little fishy to not smell

Meat Quality Criteria
Quality of meat is influenced by several factors, both at the time the animal was alive or after the cut. At the time live animals, meat quality factor is the way of maintenance, which includes feeding, maintenance and administration of health care. Meat quality is also influenced by the expenditure of blood at the time the animal was cut and cut contamination after the animals.

Good quality meat
* Tenderness or kelunakan
Tenderness of meat is determined by the content of connective tissue. The older age of animals, the composition of the connective tissue
many, so the meat produced by the clay. When pressed with a finger, healthy meat will have a rubbery consistency (solid).
* Fat content or marbling
Marbling is contained lenak between muscle fibers (Intramuscular). Fats serve as a wrapping muscles and maintain the integrity of the meat at the time of heating. Marbling effect on the image of meat taste.

* Color
Flesh color varies, depending on the type of genetically and age, such as beef cattle darker
than dairy beef, veal paler than mature beef

* Taste and Aroma
Taste and aroma are influenced by the type of feed. Good quality meat tastes relatively tasty and a delicious aroma.

* Humidity
Meat normally has a relatively dry surface so that it can keep growing
microorganisms from the outside. Dengan demikian mempengaruhi daya simpan daging tersebut. Thus affecting the meat store.

Meat quality is not good
* The smell and taste that is not normal
Abnormal odor normally would be detected after the animal was cut. It can be caused by the

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