Caring Pregnancy With Placenta Previa

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In addition to threatening the safety of mothers and increased risk of bleeding after birth, placenta previa (the placenta grows in the wrong place) can cause premature fetus at risk. If dealt with quickly and appropriately, placenta previa is not fatal to mother and fetus. How to care for pregnancy with placenta previa?
Without Bleeding

* The doctor tried to maintain the pregnancy until the fetus is mature enough to be born (a month or aterm).
* Jik aplasenta shifts (migration), normal fetus alahir bus.
* She should avoid heavy activity and not sexual intercourse.


* Immediately to the hospital to get help doctors.
* Doctor overcome the bleeding and make every effort kansungan care enough to be born the month.
* If it is difficult to maintain the womb, the doctor will anticipate preterm labor. For example, examination of the level of maturity of fetal lungs. If necessary, blood transfusions and giving drugs to prolong the pregnancy and mature fetal lungs at least until 34 weeks of gestation.
* Mother to rest in bed at least until the bleeding berheti (average 3 days).

Accompanied by severe bleeding (eg because the placenta off)

* The doctor will perform labor Caesar. Babies have been born while the moon is not enough. Mother's life take precedence.
* If a baby can be saved, given the actions of his lungs mature in the NICU.

Post-delivery (as Caesar)

* The risk of bleeding is greater than with other complications of labor. Therefore, the muscles in the lower part of the uterus is not thick and above sekiuat uterus. Whereas strong uterine contractions necessary to stop the bleeding.
* Doctor cope with the administration of drugs.

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