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* Written-free & summarized from various sources (Lalecheleague, WHO, breastfeeding. Com) by Luluk Lely Soraya Ichwan *
* Weaning *
Often so many parents question "When are the right age to weaning the child from his mother during breastfeeding? "Then how do I weaning salt of the earth? Actually what is meant word "wean"itself?
Weaning is the process of breastfeeding cessation are gradually or all at once. The process can be caused by that cessation of feeding the child from his mother. Or it can also stop the mother to breastfeed her child. Or it could be both. So could dg variety of reasons. Early weaning is an emotional experience for the mother, the child also father. Since the last 3 (Mother-Father-Son) is the bond of unity reply not be forgotten. Why fathers are also involved? Because the father also played and provides its own influence in the process of breastfeeding.
* When children must be weaned *
* *
Many also wrote asking when should the child was weaned from his mother, or when
time to wean.
* Actually, there are no special provisions or special restrictions when children should
weaned. *

* *
So there is no rule that at that age a child should be weaned from his mother. According to WHO, during breastfeeding exclusively given the first 6 months, then recommended still given after 6 months together dg food addition to the age of 2 years or MORE. So there is no limit on age.
This means there is no rule that fits the age of 2 year old child should be weaned from her mother.
Many parents wean their children at the age of 1 th-2th, there is also the age of 3 newly weaned her child in some even wrote 4 years of age.
* ASI> 1th not nutritious? *
Until when the process / period of breastfeeding can continue?The answer: During the three parties (the mother-son-father) is still wanting.That means that if the mother / son / father had not wanted,the weaning process can be done.For example, the mother had a deadine (time limits) that separate at the age of so the child should be weaned but still enjoy the mother & the child also still want, then do not need to wean. In essence, select timing most convenient for all parties.
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