Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF)4

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Need to be reminded, at the time led the patient to be treated; shortly after arriving at the hospital immediately inform the nurse that the child is likely suffering from dengue fever. This notification should be submitted to the nurse or doctor who received the first time to get help faster. Patients in a state of crisis, need immediate help and be helped sooner more likely to recover.
When one family member suffering from dengue fever, would be easily transmitted through mosquito bites (remember the nature of mosquitoes that can bite a few people respectively. So, if there are other family members with fever soon to determine whether treatment of contracting dengue fever or not .

DISEASE PREVENTION Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
Prevention of dengue fever include

· Against mosquitoes intermediaries ie
o mosquito Aedes aegypti eradication of carriers and their eggs

Against ourselves ·
o strengthen the immune system
o protect from bites yamuk

· Against environment with the aim of changing the behavior of healthy living, especially environmental health

Guidance For Communities
As described above that until now there has been no drug that can kill dengue virus or dengue fever vaccines, the efforts to prevent dengue fever is aimed at the eradication of mosquitoes and their place perindukannya. Therefore, primary prevention of dengue fever is to give health education to the community memberantasan how adult mosquitoes and mosquito-breeding marshes known as the eradication of mosquitoes nest or PSN. For the successful prevention of dengue fever, PSN should be done jointly by all layers of society, both at home, in schools, hospitals, and public places such as places of worship, cemeteries, and others. Thus people should be able to change the behavior of healthy life, especially improving environmental hygiene.

How to Eradicate larvae

How to eradicate larvae is done by 3 M of drains, closed, and bury, that is:
* Kuras bath once a week (exhaust),
* Close the water storage meetings (closed),
* Bury cans, old tires, etc.. (buried).
Habits such as changing and cleaning the birds drink every day or replace and clean the vase, is often forgotten. Hygiene outside the home such as cleaning plants from bin berpelepah regular rain or growing fish in ponds that are difficult drained, can reduce mosquito-breeding marshes.
At the pool or a reservoir which can be difficult diraburkan drained abate powder that can be sown abate powder that can kill the larvae. This abate powder can be purchased at pharmacies.
Guidelines for Use of Powder Abate (Abatisasi)
* Peres one tablespoon (10 grams) to 100 liters of water
* Walls do not brushed after abate powder dusted
* Powder will stick on the wall of the tub / jar / Pool
* Abate powder remains effective up to 3 months

How to Combat Adult Mosquitoes
To eradicate adult mosquitoes, try cleaning the places favored by mosquitoes to rest.
Reduce Resting Place For Mosquitoes
* Do not hang clothes second-hand (mosquitoes love the smell of humans)
* Put mosquito netting on the vents and windows
* Protect your baby while sleeping in the morning and afternoon with a mosquito net
* Spray the house mosquito morning & afternoon (8:00 and 18:00 hours)
* Note the cleanliness of the school, when class was dark and damp, spray with insect repellent before classes begin
* Smoking (called fogging) is only done when the treated patients met or menginggal. Fumigation is required for the report from the treating hospital.

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