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Damage to proteins in milk processing can be brown pigment formation (melanoidin) by Mallard's reaction. Mallard reaction is pencoklatan non-enzymatic reaction between sugars and milk proteins due to the heating process which takes place in a long time as in the process of making powdered milk. Pencoklatan reaction caused the decrease in protein digestion. The process of heating milk to high temperatures in a long time can also cause rasemisasi amino acids of the amino acid changes in the configuration of the L shape to form D. The human body generally can only use amino acids in the form of L. Thus rasemisasi process is detrimental from the standpoint of the biological availability of amino acids in the body.

Reaction pencoklatan (Mallard) and amino acids rasemisasi has impacted the decline in the availability of lysine in processed products of milk. Lysine availability decreased in UHT milk is relatively small reaching only 0-2 per cent. In the fall of powder can reach 5-10 percent.

Tip Use UHT Milk

When UHT milk packaging has been opened, then the milk should be stored in the refrigerator. UHT milk should be avoided by storage at high temperatures (above 50 degrees Celsius) because it can happen gelasi the formation of the gel due to protein damage.

Damage UHT milk is easily detected visually, the main character is a common one bulging package. Gembungnya packaging due to packaging leaks that allow microbes to grow and ferment penbusuk milk. By microbial fermentation of milk decay producing CO2 gas that causes bloat. Damage was also marked by the emergence of smell and taste sour. In addition to producing gas by microbial fermentation activity decay also produces alcohol and organic acids that cause milk to sour berflavor and aromatic.

Avoid consumption of UHT milk has thickened. Milk fermented by bacteria decay also decay also causes coagulation and protein breakdown due to decreased pH by organic acids. Coagulation and protein breakdown that caused this damage the texture of milk became cracked and slightly thick.
(Resource person: Prof. Dr. Ir Made Astawan MS)
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