Process UHT: Rescue Efforts Nutrition In Milk

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Milk is the best source of nutrition for newborn mammals. Milk is called a nearly perfect food for nutritional content complete. In addition to water, milk contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, enzymes, gases as well as vitamins A, C and D in adequate amounts.

Benefits of milk is the result of molecular interactions-molukel contained therein. Fresh milk is a liquid derived from the udder of healthy cows and clean that obtained by milking the right of its natural content is not reduced or added anything yet to receive any and any treatment (SNI 01-3141-1998). In practice very little chance of us to eat fresh milk SNI definitions mentioned above. Generally, the milk is consumed dairy products in the form of liquid (milk pasteurization, UHT milk) and milk powder.

Milk pasteurization milk is heat treated derjat around 63-72 Celsius for 15 seconds in order to kill pathogens. Pasteurized milk should be stored at low temperature (5-6 derjat
Celsius) and has a life saved is only about 14 days.

Milk powder, fresh milk comes either with or without recombination with other substances such as fat or protein and then dried. Generally, the drying is done by using a spray dryer or a roller drayer.
Age store maximum milk powder is 2 years with good handling and correct. Milk powder can be classified into three types of fat powdered milk (full cream milk prowder), low-fat milk powder (Partly Skimmed milk powder) and nonfat dried milk (skim milk prowder) (SNI 01-2970-1999).

UHT milk (ultra high temperature) milk that is processed using heat with high temperature and in a short time (135-145 degrees Celsius) for 2-5 seconds (Amanatidis, 2002). Heating with high temperature aims to kill all microorganisms (both decay and pathogens) and spores. Brief warm-up time is intended to prevent damage to the nutritional value of milk and to get the color, aroma and taste relatively unchanged as fresh milk.

UHT Milk Process

UHT fresh liquid milk made from fresh liquid milk which is processed using heat and high temperatures in a very short time to kill all the microbes, so it has a very good quality. Kesuluruhan major factor in determining the quality of UHT milk is the raw material, processing and packaging. Raw material fresh liquid UHT milk is fresh milk has a high quality, especially in nutrient composition. This is supported by pre-harvest treatment to integrated post-harvest. Feed the cow must be set for good quality and contains nutrients that adequate, free from antibiotics and substances other toksis. Thus, dairy cows will produce milk with a composition of good nutrition. Quality of fresh milk must also be supported by proper milking ways including the prevention of physical and microbiological contamination of the milker sanitation and sanitation workers. Fresh milk should be milked diberli
cold treatment, including transportation of milk to the factory.

Processing at the plant for converting fresh milk to UHT milk must also be done with maximum sanitation is by using the tools sterile and minimize contact with the hands. The whole process performed aseptically. UHT milk hygienically packaged using aseptic packaging of high-tech multilapis. Multilapis packaging is airtight so that the bacteria could not enter into it. Because of destruction of bacteria-free drinks, UHT milk was so fresh and safe for consumption. In addition multilapis packaging UHT milk is also resistant light so that UV light will not be able to penetrate the terlindungnya from the ultraviolet light refreshment UHT milk will remain awake. Each multilapis aseptic packaging UHT sterilized milk one by one automatically before filled with milk. This process is done almost automatically without any intervention tanganmanusia ensuring that products
very hygienic and meets international health standards. Thus the UHT technology and aseptic packaging UHT milk multilapis guarantee bacteria-free long-lasting and require no preservatives and no need to be stored in the refrigerator until 10 months after production.

UHT Milk Excellence

Advantages of UHT milk is a very long simpannya at room spur reaching 6-10 months without preservatives and should not be put into the refrigerator. This time period longer than the age store other liquid dairy products such as milk pasteurization. Also UHT milk is milk that is very hygienic because it is free from all microbes (pathogens / diseases and causes of decay) and the spores so that the potential for microbiological damage is very minimal, almost not there. Contact heat very briefly on the sensory quality of UHT cause (color, aroma and taste characteristic of fresh milk) and quality of nutrients, remain relatively unchanged.

Liquid milk processing sterilization techniques or processing into powdered milk is very influential on the quality of sensory and nutritional quality of vitamins and proteins in particular. Fresh liquid milk processing into UHT milk is very little effect on protein damage. On the other hand, protein damage by 30 percent occur in the processing of liquid milk into milk powder.

(Resource person: Prof. Dr. Ir Made Astawan MS)
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