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* No wet diapers for 8 hours, and signs of dehydration are already mentioned above.
* High fever.
* Bloody stool.
* Drowsiness extraordinary, limp, difficult to wake.
* If children experience chronic diarrhea.


* Bring the kids to the doctor if you suspect otitis media. But please remember, your doctor will not automatically give antibiotics every time the child's ear looked red.
* Infants and young children at risk for frequent ear infections
* Otitis media did not always have to be treated with antibiotics
* For a long time (up to 3 months) after otitis media, there will be fluid in the middle ear cavity. This is a normal condition and does not require any treatment.

Vomiting is not accompanied by other symptoms and does not repeat, usually not something to worry about. Bring your child immediately to hospital if:

* Vomiting green.
* Stomach pain for 6 hours.
* The spots are pink / purple that does not disappear when pressed.

Call your doctor if the child shows the following symptoms:

* The baby vomited during the last 6 hours or a child for 12 hours
* If your baby shows symptoms of dehydration (large crown concave (baby), his eyes sunken, dry lips; urinate a little older and more colorful than usual; decreased skin elasticity.
* Do not want to drink.
* Drowsiness extraordinary and fussy.

Emergency CONDITIONS: Identify

o Drowsiness extraordinary (drowsiness). Somewhat decreased awareness, decreased eye contact. Various stimuli (including the sound stimulus) caused no response from the child's party
o lethargy or decreased activity. Children lay limp, feet and hands are rarely driven. Children are also not interested to engage in an activity.
o Disturbance of breath. Children breathing fast or moaning while breathing, or every time you inhale, your chest muscles drawn into.
o Do not want to drink or eat (poor feeding). Drank much less than usual. Babies do not want to suck or meneteknya very rare and weak hisapannya. Non-breastfed babies drink only half of the needs within 24 hours. Babies also refused to eat altogether.
o Vomiting spraying. Vomiting is nothing to do with eating or drinking, there is no relation to the cough. Strong vomiting occur suddenly. Think about the possibility of increased pressure in the cavity of the head as is common in meningitis.
o The production of urine decreases or severe dehydration. Children urinate less than 4 times in 24 hours (diaper remains dry for 6 to 8 hours).
o The baby choked on (a baby can not breathe, face becomes red and blue).
o Diarrhea continually over the last 12 hours. Great vomiting.
o Other conditions which also need to be brought to the health care unit is green berwana vomiting, recurrent seizures or long, high fever (especially fever in bayiberusia less than 6 months), hernias, and constantly fussing inconsolably
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