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ASI> 1 year old ugly and not nutritious?!
Often it was thought that milk was bad reply-old boy was 1 year old to the top? Well especially if children aged 2 years, really is?Opinion that the milk is bad> 1 year old is not at all true.Milk remains rich in nutrients. According to research in the article Dewey KG"Nutrition, Growth, and Complementary Feeding of the Breastfed Infant".Pediatric Clinics of North American. February 2001; 48 (1)), that feeding> 1 year old rich in nutrients:
"In the second year (12-23 months), milk contains:
- 43% of protein requirements;
- 36% of calcium requirements;
- 75% of vitamin A requirements;
- 60% of vitamin C requirements ".

This does not include anti-infective / anti-germ indwelling and always in ASI wrote very remarkable benefits to protect infants from various disease. So there was no term bad milk.Nutritional content of breast milk is very flexible according to the needs of the child.Its composition is never the same and always changing even every minute.
It's completely different content dg yg's formula-that's all.Until now, many thought that if a child is breastfed children continue later weaning difficult. Or much too reply would be considered the child not independent.
Is this? Until now there is no / no specific research prove that there is a relationship between the age of the child is weaned independence with child. The fact that there are often people confuse / mix parent closeness of the child, the spoiled or less independent. Whether closeness with parents similar to spoiled? Not necessarily right? Is not psychologically at the age of the child they will actually do need the closeness reply with good parents. Meanwhile, many children are weaned at the age of > 1 or 2 year old child who remains independent. So back again to
definition of independent is how.
* The best way to wean the child
How to wean a good & proper reply.There is no special way of weaning.Some lactation experts give tips for weaning process running dg
1. * Perform a slow weaning process .*
Ex. Gradually reduce the frequency of feeding. Typically 4 x a day then gradually changed 3 times a day continued until the end stop.
* 2. Distract the child / children occupied antything else .*
can read books to children, playing, singing,etc.. Until children forget during feeding.
1. * Key: good communication Bina dg children .*
Remember, how small the age of the child, the child still understand and have the ability for people to understand kata2 of the environment.
1. * Avoid weaning when the child was unwell or in distress,upset, angry .*
* *
1. * Avoid feeding weaning the child from other objects such as pacifiers, bottles milk, pillows, etc.*
* * Usually this much needed role as a father figure who
complements the mother. Once again communication bina dg kids into shape.
1. * Avoid sudden weaning / direct *.
2. * Finally, COMMUNICATION, communication and communication .*Encourage children to communicate and discuss. Dg explain both the reasons and weaning step-be done.Moreover, without any communication of the child dg. This can hurt the child.
Do not let the child feel that the mother manyapih dg hate, etc.Provision of bitter herbs, for not forcing the child to nurse at her mother, etc.may damage the bonding or bond formed reply so far in process breastfeeding. Very, very unfortunate if this happens. Because the beautiful bond they will be marred by a sudden weaning process earlier.If the process of weaning dg done well, then we will grow kidsa problem child smart, healthy and good morals. Because the mother
educating through lactation and weaning period dg love.
* (Luluk Lely Soraya I was a mother of a daughter, observer ASI & health problems family, Lactivist, and guest speaker at OASE section RAS FM 95.5 every Saturday morning 9-10 pkl) .*
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