Child Sick? Perform First Aid (2)

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5. Fall
If your baby falls for everyday events parents need not panic. For example falling slipping because learning path. "His name is also the children, must have been dropped or bumped. Grease it with the ointment if bumped. Ointment should not be used to tear the wound because it can cause infection," explained Zaki.

If you fall cause abrasion accompanied by bleeding, stop bleeding with sterile cotton, then wash out the wound, and give an antiseptic. For bruises can be eliminated by means of ice water compresses or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. If the bruising that occurs quite wide, immediately take the child to the doctor. "Similarly, if a child falls accompanied by fainting. Immediately bring to the doctor, because it could have been a concussion."

6. Shortness of breath
Know always crowded because of what history. If the cause of asthma, children from the originator to avoid recurrence of the disease. Among the dust, harsh odors, food and certain beverages. "If you've ever been to the doctor usually doctors equip asthma medications. Just drink the medicine, if lost no need to go to the doctor again. Stated when drunk two or three times does not necessarily mean gone to the doctor because of needing the drug more potent."

In addition to asthma, shortness also be due to many things. If parents do not know the cause, immediately consult your doctor. "It could be caused by ingested foreign bodies that cover the airway." If it really hindered foreign objects swallowed, do not try to retrieve the foreign objects especially if a small object. Lay the child with the head lower, then pat in order to vomit.

7. Bleeding
Bleeding is a discharge of blood from the blood vessels that can cause functional disorders of the body. If there is bleeding, wounds, or try to stop the bleeding, nosebleeds by pressing the location of bleeding.

In severe bleeding, often accompanied by changes in the general condition of children. For example, fainting. For heavy bleeding conditions, without delay, immediately bring the child to the doctor. Give first aid measures while waiting for the handling of a doctor. "If you know the direction of the pulse, press and pulse for several minutes, then loosen, then press again. Do it a few times."

8. Poisoned
Can be caused by food poisoning, insecticides, medicines, or hydrocarbons (kerosene, paint, gasoline). Do not store dangerous goods in close reach of children. Quick give help by providing free air in children. Then, open his clothing in order to get oxygen. Remove the poison in a way to stimulate vomiting. Or give substance such as charcoal proanalisa antitoxin. Immediately brought to the doctor to get further treatment.

Box willing P3K
1. Do not panic. Master the simple first aid techniques in children. If you do not know, do not be shy ask others who know better.
2. Drugs must be available at home: cough medicine, fever medicine / fever (paracetamol), diarrhea (ORS), antiseptic (iodine, bandages), ointments for itching.
3. Ideally, every home has P3K box, which, besides containing the drug, among others, also contains a sterile gauze, cotton, waterproof tape, scissors, thermometer.

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