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Disturbances in the first trimester fetus is not a monopoly. Could happen in the second trimester or above 6 months (approximately 24 weeks). The case was referred to disturbed fetal development (PJT).

* Unlike the fetus because the fetus does not develop the existing body organs. Just kind of stunted growth. That is, this fetus had a small but growing baby is not in accordance with his age, "explained Anita. PJT will not only affect the baby's body size alone. So what causes it?

* Intake or intake of food and oxygen are less qualified. In fact, food is needed for the process of perfecting the organ.

Set pattern * Lack of life, rest and food, will surely disturb the absorption and oxygen flow process. Alcohol and cigarettes can affect adversely.

* A mother who has problems with her organs, eg lung. This resulted in the fetus can not absorb 100% oxygen properly. Disease in the mother would interfere with oxygen supply or metabolism so that food intake is not absorbed. This resulted in the mother's weight did not increase.

* Schizophrenia and disorders hallucinations.
PJT usually should be monitored both by doctors, midwives can not just be monitored. Therefore, doctors must find and eliminate factors that cause PJT.

Besides needing a serial ultrasound was also performed, in a sense made within a specified time and at a certain place to compare fetal development.

Blood pressure in the fetus and umbilical cord also needs to be seen. This is to see whether the blood pressure in the area are too large so that supplies the baby as "rejected". In a sense, the food supply should be tight, even slowly.

The fetus does not develop and disturbed fetal development can be prevented, kok. Here's how.

- Check the prenuptial
Also do pregnancy checks (check for infection, and ACA). If there is an infection or another, can be treated. Therapy before pregnancy is the best and ideal, so that conditions quite prepared mothers and unseen.

- Perform therapy
If a mother has been known to suffer miscarriages and certain infections, try to postpone the next pregnancy and get therapy. Prevention of pregnancy can be avoided with condoms or fertility.

- Serial ultrasound
If already pregnant, and apparently there is a problem, do the therapy. It's never too late for therapy rather than later result in bad on the baby. Monitoring should be better, especially with serial ultrasound.

- Do not stress
Keep trying and do not despair. Despair will automatically create a high stressor factors and affect fertility.

If the fetus does not develop otherwise, must be done penguretan. "The fetus does not develop to be removed because it was obvious-certainly not growing. How was a mother trying to defend, there is no point. Because the body, the fetus was considered foreign or inanimate, automatic psiologis, reflexes of the body will try it out .. usually Sehingga the mother will issue a fab-fab and indeed must dikuret, "explained Anita.

If the fetus is not developed due to infection after dikuret must be treated to remove the infection so it is not reduced. If the examination has been done over and over and declared clear of infection, were not to be pregnant.

The situation remains the mother should be monitored again. Once pregnant, usually re-examination will be conducted to see the titer of antibody, there tends to rise or not. Because of the possibility of this infection appears again, still exists.
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