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Fetus does not develop and the fetus is frequently disturbed haunted pregnant women. Moreover, the case of the developing fetus is not this happen over and over, you know. Telisik cause, plus the proper ways of handling.

Rita (32) must swallow the bitter truth. The fetus, who just turned one month, otherwise does not develop by a physician. Rita is the second time through the same thing. In previous pregnancy, the fetus was not developing well. Why are these cases can be repeated? Can Rita was pregnant again and have children?

CLICK - Details are not developing fetus is a fetus is not growing. According to Dr. Anita Arju SPOG, diagnosis fetus does not develop normally in the first trimester (less than three months) of pregnancy. There have also reached the second trimester, but usually in the first trimester is already visible.

"With the record, if in place that are consulted by pregnant women have ultrasound equipment (ultrasound). If no ultrasound, was difficult," said Specialist Hospital obstetrics and gynecology from YPK Jakarta. As a result, not rare mother who was pregnant until four or five months but was actually her fetus does not develop or just pocket it seems. Of course, the more quickly detected, the better. There are two types of the fetus does not develop, namely:

1. Fetus from the beginning was not visible.
There is only the medical language of pregnancy pouch called a blighted ovum (empty pockets). Fetus did not appear at all, just a sort of a cavity in the uterus. In the ultrasound image will appear black, filled with fluid, and invisible shadow candidate fetal altogether.

2. It's starting to look the shadow candidate fetus.
The picture is usually compressed and smaller in the uterus. Not develop if it is called the diameter and length of the fetus is not in accordance with gestational age. Antenatal Usually this is done in serial, ie at least two times with a distance of two weeks. Where the size of the fetus showed no increases or increases but in accordance with age pregnancy, it's called a fetus does not develop.

There are several causes of the fetus does not develop, among others:
* Genetic
This is a major factor. It's not heredity, but from the sperm or egg cells. In this case the quality and quantity of sperm and egg cells are not good so that when the unification of the two results are not growing at a prime.

According Amta, this usually leads to blighted ovum. "What is clear, when talking about the blighted ovum, we are talking also about the quality and quantity. This factor can be repeated and can not, there is a problem depending on sperm and egg production or not," he said. The cause of the quality of sperm and egg variety, depending on the production of "manufacturer" (egg from the ovaries and sperm from the sperm production).

So, automatic interference from the formation process that can vary and can not be ascertained, from hygiene factors or infection. Can be prevented? "It's hard. Because the egg and sperm cells have existed since our mother's womb. Disorders-disorders that arise once we were born."

* TORCH Infections
Infection caused by toxoplasma, rubella, CMV or Cito megalo virus, herpes simplex I and Simplex II. In this case the views are reflex in our body, namely the formation of antibodies against bacteria and virus. Assuming the problem must be treated immediately. This examination should be done before you get pregnant in order not to disturb the mother's condition.

If already pregnant should do therapy throughout pregnancy. For all the factors that caused by infection with oral therapy or medications taken.

* ACA (anticardiolipin) or freezing
The formation of clotting factors that clog blood vessels to the fetal direction so that eventually halted the growth of the fetus.

The reason for immune factors which depend on the sensitivity of each person. "For instance, the older sister we have a high ACA, although not necessarily the brothers we have a high ACA. People who previously did not have high ACA, in the future could have a high ACA," explained Anita.

So once there was this pregnancy pregnancy he regard his enemy and immediately formed clots. Blood freeze and clog the areas that direction to the fetus. The fetus does not automatically get a good supply of food, beverages, or oxygen.

If something like this should be treated, namely by giving anti-clotting drugs (either drinking or injecting drugs, depending on how severe the case).

If the mother had returned to normal conditioned, even when pregnancy is usually within the strict supervision and equipment were treated until the baby is born. The reason, at any time freezing may occur again that disturb the food supply resulting in the developing fetal or infant growth is not hampered.
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