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Though in many cases, the difficult conditions of the developing fetus can be overcome with good, on a small number of other cases, it could cause death in infants. Dear all, I married a little late (age of marriage 35 years). Fortunately, it turns out I was quite fertile for two months after marriage I became pregnant. At first, my pregnancy was fine, until the sixth month of pregnancy the doctor began to explain that my womb was rather small. The next month the doctor said that my baby is small. The reason, I stunted fetal growth. Does anyone have experience like me? Please, if indeed there ever had similar experiences, to share with me. Yes .. I look forward jawabannnya Thanks, Agustina, Bintaro

Agustina anxiety that appeared on an Internet mailing list that, it makes sense. Moreover, this is his first experience of becoming a future mother. But, what really is the growth stunted fetus or small baby? David Peleg, M.D., Collen M. Kennedy, M.D., and Stephen K. Hunter, M.D., PH.D. in American Family Physician August 1, 1998, states that the condition known as intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR), ie a condition when infants are smaller than I should, at the time in the womb. ''As if the baby does not develop in the average size of normal. Generally, babies who have IUGR will be weighted lower, at birth,''he said in familydoctor.org.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Uf Bagazi, SPOG, obstetric and gynecology specialists, UB Women and Children Hospital, also known as IUGR or fetal growth stunted term (PJT), in broad outline can be caused by several factors, namely:

* Fetus. If IUGR is caused by fetal factors, generally caused by the condition of genetic disorders, there are mild in nature allowing the baby to be alive, or not.

* Placenta. This is the organ that connects the mother with the fetus, including in providing nutrients and oxygen supply. ''If there is interference with the placenta, then the food and oxygen penghantaran be not optimal, then the baby becomes difficult to develop,''said dr. Uf-familiar calls.

* Mother. For example, the factor of age (35 years and over), unhealthy lifestyles, say, a prospective mother is a pecando cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Other cause is that if pregnant women suffering from certain diseases, including hypertension, anemia, or have infectious diseases during pregnancy.

Weight Must Rise
Generally, pregnant women, will experience increasing body weight, according to gestational age, and weight before pregnancy. Well, is there any easy way to suspect the possibility PJT is if there is no increase in weight of pregnant women after the age of 20 weeks or five months of pregnancy. ''If within one month of a pregnant woman does not gain weight as they should, then you should do a search,''said dr. Uf. Search is viewed, is there a proper factors suspected as trigger factors do not increase body weight. For example, pregnant women lifestyle, and medical history. In addition, we also performed a number of examination will include:

* High fundus examination (womb). Usually, doctors can determine the size of the extra PJT mother's womb (uterus height measured from the top of the uterus to the pubic bone boundary). ''In the two times of the inspection if not an increase, may suspect the existence of barriers,''he said.

* Ultrasound (ultrasonography) to estimate fetal weight, including the measuring head circumference, the length of the femur (thigh bone), and fetal abdominal circumference. This is done serially, in any investigation. Also, calculate alirah umbilical cord blood to determine whether there is growth or vice versa, inhibition.

dr. Uf mention that a pregnant woman really is no standard weight gain. For example, for those who had normal weight, an increase of up to nine months of pregnancy is between 12.5 kg-18kg, while for a relatively thin, should increase between 16kg-20kg. Meanwhile, if you are overweight, then weight gain during pregnancy between 6kg-11, 5kg. Well, for pregnant women belonging to obesity, the increase should weigh less than 6kg.
According to Prof. DR. Ir. Made Astawan, MS, an expert in food technology from the Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), to monitor weight loss, there is a parameter called the body mass index (BMI), with the following formula:

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