Exactly How to Save and Use Drugs (2)

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Before or After Eating

Drug administration and time consuming, also influenced the profile of each drug. Depending on how the body's response to the profile of drug chemistry and physics.

But in general, the absorption of drugs given per-oral route would be optimal if consumed on an empty stomach or before meals.

In this condition the drug would be faster to reach the small intestine (where most major drug absorption) and more fully absorbed. Thus the concentration into the optimal blood circulation.

Unfortunately there are some medications that can cause irritation of the stomach, such as pain medication and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (aspirin, mefenamic acid, diclofenac acid) so that should be consumed after a meal.

Similarly, a supplement that takes time to transit in the digestive tract longer, such as vitamin B12, so that should be taken after eating more perfect absorption.

In certain cases, the drug is consumed by particular physiological cycle, such as cholesterol drugs (simvastatin), to be consumed at night. Due to the optimum cholesterol formation cycle at night and need to be inhibited by certain active substances. While the consumption of certain drugs could be placed under the tongue, such as drugs Antianginals (for the narrowing of coronary arteries of heart attack), because it will be readily absorbed in the fine blood vessels under the tongue without going through the digestive system and liver. Thus its performance will be much faster and optimized.

Should not the Refrigerator

While for the storage of drugs, can be done with medicine containers tightly closed. Do not save medicine that has damaged packaging. When the tablet is packaged in aluminum foil, should not keep tablets that packaging has been opened.

Or if the drug in pharmaceutical suspensions, try the bottle tightly closed, do not be exposed to or affected by water droplets. Save storage of medication according to instructions indicated on the packaging, eg in the temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius. "Not all drugs need to enter a freezer, except supposituria vaccines and supplies (drugs per-anal, ed.)," Said Nico.

Another thing to note, avoid sun exposure or free air directly on the drug. Notice also the storage of drugs. For dosage drug suspension (syrup) should not be stored too long or not more than two weeks. When the drugs made from active antibiotics, should be spent only according to your doctor's instructions.

Storage of intact tablets in foil packaging can be stored and used up before the period expired. While the capsules can be consumed while it is still intact in the bottle, have not changed the smell, color and stay dry.

Do not store the powder, because the mix of drugs is generally not stable and easy to react to the free air and air humidity.

Principle, should not be too long drug stores such as syrups or capsules are packaged in bottles if you have never been opened or consumed. "But if it is new and has never been drunk, it does not matter as long as it is in the use of or has not expired," said Nico.

Observe Drug Packaging

When receiving a new drug or drugs from the medicine cabinet check, consider the integrity of the packaging and the date expired. Better be careful if you receive drugs from pharmacies in the form of newspaper clippings that are not intact.

For example pieces of content of three tablets plus pieces of content plus 5 pieces 2 tablets tablets tablets for a total of 10 seeds. Should reject it, to be wary of the former drug had a busy few media reported some time ago.

Notice also the drug while receiving drug packaging berkemasan (with a paper manual, ed.) As well as OTC drugs. Read especially on the drug indication. Do not use the drug if it is not in accordance with the symptoms and diagnosis of disease, although many people claimed the drug was effective.

Do not forget to look at the special percaution (special instructions), because it contains things that can cause complications during the use of drugs. Examples of special precaution: for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, etc.. Be careful if you have the condition.

This does not mean you can not eat them, but it can happen or worsening of symptoms and circumstances. Therefore, the need to pay more attention when taking the drug. In the event of intolerance, immediately stop using it!

Do not forget to read and aware of contraindications, because the warning is an absolute can not be used in specified circumstances. If ignored, it can occur that result in fatal effects of the drug.

Note also the dose, advice and prescribed medication, unless there are other considerations from the doctors who prescribe it. Your doctor may give dosage and use different rules for consideration of the competence and professionalism.

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