Exactly How to Save and Use Drugs (1)

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Can the drug consumed repeatedly? Should the drug be stored in the refrigerator? Find the answer!

Acting alert to provide drugs at home is a good step. But often we ask, why are so many rules of consumption and different treatment?

Yes, questions about these drugs is considerable.

How long storage time limits which are already used drugs? How to save a good medicine? How do procedure of taking the drug right? Though store and consume the rest of OTC drugs at home are common that many people do.

Mazy drug storage procedures, ways of consumption and time consumption of drugs was invited concerns have an impact on the effectiveness of the drug.

"Actually it depends how to use the drug as well as the need for disease severity of drug effect is achieved immediately," said dr. Nicolaski Lumbuun, SpFK., A specialist in clinical pharmacology from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Pelita Harapan, Lippo Karawaci.

"While the principle of storing drugs such as tablets, syrup, which is still in its packaging or sealed, as long as the drug still has not expired (expired) may be used. If you have opened and never been drunk, then note the sign of damage such as changes in the consistency of the drug (if the form of capsules become sticky , the syrup becomes thicker or forming a separate layer), color or odor, "said Nico.

For clarity, Nico presents details about the manner of treating the drug.

Different Diseases, Bede Consumption mode

There are many medicinal preparations known in the medical world, began drug parenteral (injection into veins, infusion, injection into muscle, joint cavity, or his spinal cavity bottom layer of the skin), oral (taken) by the respiratory (nebulizer / evaporation, or inhalant / inhaled through the mouth), topical (rubbed on the skin can be a cream, ointment, or lotion), drug per-anal (rectal or rectal), until the tablet is placed under the tongue.

Basically, all adjusted to the physical state of the patient, severity of disease, as well as the speed of therapeutic effects.

In acute cases, patients are not aware of the situation or need immediate therapeutic effect, intravenous injection of drug was chosen because it can give an instant effect.

Apart from the reaction speeds, a wide range of dosage is also intended to achieve a target organ therapy effectively.

It also aims to minimize the side effects that may occur. For example, in patients who are unconscious, vomiting continuously, swallowing disorders or diarrhea, can be given drugs in addition to per-oral drug.

How many times a day

Frequency of taking the drugs are basically following the pharmacological profiles such as chemical and biological properties of drugs, drug interactions with the body and the biological body to the drug treatment. All this of course was confirmed in a lengthy clinical trial process.

Drug levels in blood rapidly decreased due to pharmacological profile, requires giving a rather frequent intervals (2-3 times a day). The goal is that therapeutic effects could be maintained for 24 hours.

While the drug with a pharmacological profile relative levels within a long enough, enough given once daily.

Many of the benefits of the drug with a long interval, or giving relatively less frequently as once a day. But mainly, patient adherence to medication is the most important.

Patients in general often forget to take medication if it should be two or three times a day. So that the adverse effects of drugs will be reduced because of drug exposure of organs to be reduced.

But with the latest technological findings, allows to profile the work of some medications becoming longer.

The technology is called controlled release dosage form, extended release or oros (off slow), allowing once-daily consumption.

Effectiveness of these drugs can produce the equivalent of a conventional form to be drunk more often, but with a more minimal side effects because the drug levels in blood is relatively stable. Some examples of drugs is slow off antihypertensive medications, antidiabetic, to chronic pain.
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