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BMI = weight (kg) divided by height (m) dikuadratkan.
For example, if weight 60 kg, and height 1.65 m, 60kg divided by 1.65 x1, 65, the result 22kg/m2.

Benchmark, when:
BMI 20-24 = normal
Obesity = BMI 25-29 (overweight)
BMI more than 30 = obese
BMI less than 18 = too skinny

Thus, if your BMI 20-24, the increase in body weight during pregnancy between 12.5 kg-18kg, and so on. Generally, the increase in the early trimester of 1kg/bulan. While, in the final trimester, weight gain can be approximately 2kg/bulan.

Faster Birth Until Death
PJT conditions can not be ignored, because according to dr. Uf, if not immediately taken action, it is not impossible can cause death in babies. ''If stunted growth, means that there are conditions of nutrition and oxygenation that are not current,''he said. Further, the doctors will assess the causes of these obstacles. ''If, assessed could still be corrected, then by monitoring, pregnancy can still proceed. Conversely, if it is considered can not be corrected, then the action taken, the baby is born, though not in time,''the light of dr. Uf. Such actions are taken if believed, if the baby is born, his condition will be better, from the left in the womb.

But dr. Uf, underscore, as far PJT factor is that placental factors, or the condition of the mother, then at birth, the baby can still grow as it should, even this condition will not affect the intelligence of babies, and do not cause birth defects.

Routine Inspection
When pregnancy is very important to conduct routine inspections to maternal and fetal conditions can always be observed. Including, if any PJT conditions can be detected as early as possible.

Examination, advanced dr. Uf, it is recommended be done every four weeks until 28 weeks gestation. Then, from week to 28-36, the inspection done at least once every two weeks. Next, do an inspection every week until birth or 40 weeks of age. ''It should be noted is, the greater the age of her pregnancy, may also occur the more obstacles / distractions. Thus, the examination should be conducted more frequently,''he explained.

Well, so how busy you are, still take the time to seek prenatal care ya! PG

Tips For Optimal Fetal Growth
Of course you do not want any conditions hampered the growth of the fetus during pregnancy. Well, here is dr. Uf Bagazi, SPOG, specialist obstetric and gynecology, UB Women and Children Hospital, offers tips for avoiding these conditions.
* Try to live healthy. Eat balanced nutritious meals as needed during pregnancy. For quantity, eat as usual plus an extra 300 calories / day.
* Avoid stress during pregnancy. This could be one trigger factors of hypertension.
* Avoid food / medicine is not recommended during pregnancy. Therefore, each will take the drug, make sure the knowledge / recipes obstetrician.
* Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.
* Exercise regularly. Sports (gymnastics for pregnant women) can make the body fit, and able to give balance oxygenation, and weight.
* Check regularly pregnancy.
* Source: web parentsguide.co.id / dsp_content.php? Kat = 1 & emonth = 11 & eyear = 2007 & pg = # HNS
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