Not Your Baby Sleeping Well? Know the Cause and Solution

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Did you know that lack of sleep in infants can lead to various problems? Start from the decline in immune response, disruption of growth and physical development and also lack of sleep has an impact on fetal brain growth and development, especially the capacity to think when she grew up.

Most employment growth hormone occurs when in a state of sleep, including a baby's brain growth hormone.

Lack of sleep will lead to changes in hormone levels are responsible for managing hunger. In addition, lack of sleep also affects the body's ability to make sugar metabolism, thus increasing the risk of diabetes.

So, it is clear that sleep is a very positive effect for your baby's development. Ideally, children aged 6-23 months it takes approximately 13 hours of sleep each day.

Some Things Hard Sleeping Babies Causes And Solutions

Flu or Cough Illness

If your baby is suffering from the flu or a cough, then it will be difficult to sleep soundly, because of intermittent cough. His nose was constantly remove fluid or blocked, so that makes it hard to breathe.


Try to position the baby's head higher than feet. Do not forget, give drink to his throat more comfortable. If the nose is blocked, you can suck his nose with snot vacuum specifically for babies. Apply the balm is also special for the children in her chest, it will help relieve nose.


Approximately 20% of healthy babies have colic. This condition usually occurs between weeks 2 and 4 after birth.

If you are breastfeeding, you should avoid dairy products and processed foods that cause gas, such as cabbage, onions, and garlic. Consult your health care professional about how to deal with certain food allergies.

To cope with colic, when you give your baby formula, ask your health care professional guidance whether to replace them with free formula milk or lactose-free formula.

If colic experienced is part of the growth phase, then this will disappear over time.

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Thirsty or Hungry

Usually, your baby will be restless sleep if not enough food or milk intake.

Solution: Try to feed your baby before bed good one hour before bedtime.


Average 6-month-old baby bedwetting about 5-7 times in one night, then immediately change his diapers when wet, so your child will sleep more soundly.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is generally experienced by infants aged 4-15 months. The cause could be due to frequent bowel movement, skin hygiene is not maintained, or it could be because your baby receive breast milk intake of antibiotics from the mother.

Even if bacteria are present in your baby's urine breaks down into ammonia, this rash can get worse. Of course this very unpleasant situation for the child, so that it can affect sleep quality.

If the diaper rash your baby has already happened, so do not get worse, here are some things you can do:

1. Replace wet diapers as often as possible
2. Avoid using wet wipes as they may increase irritation
3. Simply dry the parts by patting the skin, do not rub
4. Use a topical cream with a thin protective skin
5. Avoid using the diaper is too tight

Also, choose a type of cloth diapers that absorb sweat or disposibel materials (disposable).

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Playing Too Many

If you take your child to play on, then it will be increasingly reluctant to sleep. Moreover, if you ask him to play before bed time.

Now, to avoid this, then you should respond. If your baby has started-ucek rubbed his eyes, frequent yawning, or ear-pull is pulled, it is probable he was sleepy. Stop your activities with him and create an atmosphere that can ease your baby to sleep in peace.

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