Treat heartburn at home!

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Andri (28), a private sector employee to go home in a state of pale. His right hand gripped the upper left abdomen. His face showed that he was holding his pain. When asked why, Andri replied, "It hurts maagku relapse."

Generally, those who feel heartburn symptoms such as pain, heartburn, heartburn, especially when wrapped around an empty stomach. Usually the pain will get better soon after eating and drinking, but several hours later reappeared. Not uncommon symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, loss of appetite and body weak.

Actually heartburn occurs because inflammation of the mucous membrane disorder or gastric wall because of excessive stomach acid production. Also known as heartburn gastritis. Heartburn can be short-lived, recurrent or chronic recurrent (chronic).

Heartburn can be caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori bacteria, stimulation of gastric acid production by various causes and drugs that can cause sores in the stomach.

The use of various drugs such as pain relief and inflammation of salicylates like aspirin group / acetosal it can irritate the stomach wall so the stomach feels sore. Therefore, this drug should be taken after meals.

Lifestyle contribute in causing a person consuming habits of gastritis like spicy foods, chocolate, alcohol and coffee. This is due to the food & beverage can stimulate the production of stomach acid. Irregular eating habits and smoking also increase the risk of stomach ulcers.

Psychological factors have a significant role in increasing the production of stomach acid. Alert if you often feel anxious, emotions or stress. Can-can, increased production of stomach acid and esophageal ulcer.

Yuk, heartburn Treat!

Handling gastritis is divided into two, namely, without drugs and using drugs. First of all, do without the drug treatment of heartburn that is felt when there are new and light, among others:

1. Avoid an empty stomach
2. Arrange schedule with the pattern of eating small portions more often and the frequency
3. Soft foods / easy to digest
4. Avoid foods / mnuman containing alcohol, carbon dioxide gas (soft drinks), coffee, chocolate
5. Solve problems encountered quickly to avoid stress.

Treatment with new drugs without the drugs do if treatment is not successful. The main options for heartburn are antacids. Antacids work by neutralizing excess stomach acid, thus protecting the gastric mucous membrane from damage.

You can buy antacids at the shop, drug store to the pharmacy because including OTC drugs. Antacids are circulating in the market usually consist of a mixture of aluminum salts, magnesium salts and simethicone.

Aluminum and magnesium salts will bind keasamn reducing gastric acid in the stomach, while the simethicone is useful to help the expenditure of excessive gas in the digestive tract.

But keep in mind that the first chewable antacid tablets until a new tender can be swallowed because it has been digested by enzymes in our saliva. Usual dose of 1-2 tablets with a maximum of four times a day. For liquid antacids can directly be taken with a maximum dose of 1-2 teaspoons four times daily.

Antacids best taken on an empty stomach (at bedtime, two hours after or before eating). As much as possible avoid the use of antacids in conjunction with other drugs because it can interfere with absorption of other medications.

You must remember that the use of antacids is not recommended for more than two weeks because of the long-term use of antacids can actually increase the production of stomach acid.

Equipment Need Medical Help

Not forever heartburn can be treated at home. Consult your doctor regarding the use of antacids if needed: medium such as low-salt diet on hypertension, pregnant and lactating women, children under 6 years old, elderly, or after one week of treatment with antacids symptoms of gastritis are not reduced.

It is also necessary to distinguish a stomach ache because it was not all that sick stomach ulcer. Beware if heartburn symptoms. Heartburn is also many kinds, among others:

* Heartburn accompanied by diarrhea,
* Heartburn accompanied by shortness of breath, fever, cold sweat,
* Heartburn is not improving or getting sick with feeding,
* Heartburn accompanied by vomiting of blood,
* Heartburn accompanied by nausea and vomiting more than three times a day.

If symptoms occur as above, you should immediately go to the doctor
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