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Can patients fasted mag? Depends. There was an ulcer which healed during fasting, but there is also the increasingly severe. Well, you included patients with ulcer which one?

"Let's eat, if late will be mag, you know," so people often say. In the month of fasting, not just late, stomach instead emptied for about 13 hours. The man was then suspected, if it could be late mag, let alone a dozen hours vacated, worse, dong. However, according to Dr. Ari Fahrial Sham, Sp.PD, MMB of internal medicine in the Faculty of medicine, such allegations are not always applicable.

LIKE WHAT , what is MAG?
CLICK - DetailMag is a disease that attacks the digestive device, either the stomach, intestines, or esophagus. Sign, no discomfort, flank pain, nausea, vomiting, bloating, early satiety, and appetite decreased. In certain cases, characteristics abdominal pain seemed to pierce through to the rear, at night. Or pain that quickly come and go, such as after eating a little, the pain disappeared, but a minute later recurrence.

Can also be wound in the throat, accompanied by a burning heat rises, bitter mouth, and frequent belching. This is due to eating too much fat and little fiber. A poor diet can cause the valve in the esophagus, and cause discomfort if stomach acid up into the esophagus.

Mag caused by irregular eating patterns, stress and the bacteria Helicobacter Pylori. Stress can stimulate gastric acid to increase. While Helicobakter Pylori will cause disturbances in the stomach and intestine 12 fingers. Germs that live only in the stomach is growing due to consuming food or water is not clean. In severe circumstances, can cause bleeding and chronic ulcer. In fact, if not treated, could be stomach cancer.

There are two types of abnormalities in the mag, which is functional and organic dyspepsia. Functional dyspepsia is characterized by only minimal abnormalities, such as redness of the digestive tools. While more severe organic disorders, namely in the form of wounds in the stomach, intestines 12 fingers, or throat. Also accompanied by polyps and signs of malignancy.

We can not recognize the severity of the ulcer just by observing the symptoms. The reason is, everyone has a different sensitivity and psychic. There are people who stomach just a little redness but feel the tremendous pain. Conversely, there are still able to work and carry out its activities as usual, even though his stomach was badly injured.

People who take the drug for more than a month rheumatism usually also do not realize that a severe stomach wound. Newly perceived disturbance after he was hemorrhaging. Under normal circumstances, there is a balance between aggressive factors that damage the stomach and depensif that protects the stomach. Rheumatic drugs generally cause depletion of stomach wall which would disrupt the balance of two factors earlier.

Digestive disorders in the appliance can only be seen by way of endoscopy (gastrointestinal tract of binoculars). From this examination will be seen, whether the instrument suffered intestinal injuries or not.

MAG exacerbate fasting?
Fasting does not always heal the ulcer. At the time of fasting, eating patterns will change, because it only allowed to eat in the morning and at night. Left empty stomach for about 13 hours. Normally, the body needs to adapt for 3-5 days. But, despite dozens of hours on an empty stomach, not to worry. The body still has enough energy to move, because we have reserves of fat and sugar in the form of glycogen.

The problem, when the stomach is empty, the stomach acid and gas expenditures will increase. But this is not ongoing. Organic disorders in patients who do not consume drugs, fasting tends to make the ulcer worse. Section, internal injuries had been going on long enough. For patients with organic disorders, the recommended drug is an anti-acid drugs. This drug is able to suppress production of stomach acid up to 12-24 hours. However, these drugs are obtained by prescription only. While ulcer drugs are being sold free of acid neutralizing drugs, which can only neutralize acid for about six hours, so that the ulcer symptoms will occur after that hour. Anti-acid drugs are also recommended for patients with stress-related ulcer.

This is different from functional disorders. Usually, the ulcer healed with precisely this type of fasting. Because, more regular eating patterns and reduced eating foods that contain gas. Well, so, before fasting, it is better first check your mag.

To meet the body's need for food during the fasting, preferably at dawn, people who eat fast food as much as 30-40 cal / kg body weight. If you have a body weight 50 kg, which means you eat at least 1500-2000 cal.

Food choices also must be considered. There are some foods that should be avoided. Anything?

- Food or drink that stimulates gastric acid expenses such as coffee, alcoholic beverages 50-20 percent, white wine, citrus juice, and milk. People who drink coffee should have started fasting coffee long before the day of fasting. The reason coffee has opiate effects that cause changes in body condition.

- Foods containing gases, such as fatty foods, certain vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower, jackfruit, banana, kedondong, dried fruit, and soft drinks.

- Foods that are difficult to digest that can slow gastric emptying, such as fatty food, cake, and cheese. which stimulates.

- Foods that weaken the lower esophageal valve, such as alcohol, chocolate, foods high in fat and fried. In addition, there are several sources of carbohydrates that ulcer sufferers should avoid, such as glutinous rice, noodles, rice noodles, bulgur, corn, tales and dodol.

- We suggest breaking the fast with sweet drinks. Sweet drinks very easily digested. Two hours, the process is complete. It also makes fresh.

Ari is also suggested that ulcer sufferers take some action, among them:

- Stay regular physical exercise according to ability. Enough physical exercise and regularly will make the body become fit and healthy. Also, avoid exercise stress. Remember, the mental condition closely related to the digestive conditions, you know. At least, with physical exercise, there pelemasan body muscles. Sports should be done after dawn or before fasting. Choose also sports that do not deplete a lot of sweat, because it can cause a loss of fluid and electrolytes in large quantities.

- Sleeping after a two hour meal. This is intended to avoid the rise of stomach acid into the esophagus. At that time the stomach still contain food. Food can pass down to another channel in an upright position. While in a sleeping position, the food will be hard to come down and worry about stomach acid going up into the esophagus. This will cause irritation in patients who have the disorder at the valve throat.

- Based on research in America, fasting will not be shown to worsen the condition of people with chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes mellitus, provided that the patient still taking the drug.

- Research in Paris menyimpulan, when fasting gastric acid and pepsin increased and will become normal after Ramadan ends.

- In Turkey, the number of women with bowel disorders in 12 fingers as much as men in the month of fasting.

- From Indonesia, patients with an acute ulcer will worsen the condition if fasting.

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