Little Kid had heartburn!

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MANY parents think ulcer disease can only be sustained by an adult. In fact, little else can be affected by an ulcer. So, what causes it? Does the same symptoms like ulcers in adults?

Basically, according to Dr. Budi Purnomo SpA, stomach ulcers in children are not too different from the ulcer that occurs in most adults. He said that, if seen through a microscope, the intestine is shaped like a weed (flakes). Well, in that there are flakes of enzymes, where if there's food will be accommodated and absorbed. "In particular children also increases stomach acid production. Now, this is called a kind of gastritis (gastritis), gas production increases. The second could be called bloating. This, too, its gas production is also high," beber physicians who practice in this RSAB Harapan Kita.

Germs Cause ulcer

Apparently, not only in adults, little else can suffer from stomach ulcers. It's just that the process can vary. Not all heartburn caused by irregular eating habits or stress. In particular, in developing countries, stomach ulcers are also caused by bacterial infection helicobactererpylori.

This bacterium is usually transmitted through food and beverages. But the density of residential development can also affect the bacteria. According to Dr. Kadim Muzal SpA (K), from Cipto Mangunkusumo, the infected bacteria are classified as long. So it does not mean it will be directly exposed to bacterial symptoms. These bacteria could also have entered into the body of the child's symptoms but never completely. Depending on the child's immune system itself.

On a separate occasion, Dr. Budi who also practice in RSIA Hermina Daan says, "In addition to bacteria, in children who do not like to eat vegetables, jonjotnya growth is also not good. As a result, can not digest food properly."

Incidence Symptoms

Heartburn symptoms in children is almost the same as general heartburn. For example sick about heartburn, bloating. Only children who are above five years who could express his pain. "Usually if children under five years old, which is felt or symptoms, stomach bloating, CHAPTER noncurrent, eat less, often fart," explained Dr. Budi.

But make no mistake, said dr Muzal, although a child is suffering from stomach pains, but when checked will not find anything abnormal. This is called stomach ulcer pain caused by psychological problems. Such symptoms are often found in children whose age was greater or adulthood (5-15 years). Meanwhile, for children whose age was smaller, typically doctors perform endoscopy to confirm whether or not the bacteria.

If it was little affected by the bacteria, advanced dr Muzal, there will be a clinic symptoms such as abdominal pain. Usually, abdominal pain is also found in the solar plexus. Sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Abdominal pain did not arise suddenly, but repeated or chronic abdominal pain that had lasted for three months or more. Even at night the child was often awakened by abdominal pain. So if any child had abdominal pain for more than three months, usually associated with the occurrence of infection in the stomach. In addition, other symptoms supporting the presence of bacteria in the body of the child is fever and weight they do not rise or fail to grow in the medical language.

But again the parents do not worry too much. Because the germs of heartburn can be treated. According to dr Muzal, if there is an infection, doctors usually give antibiotics and medicines that must be taken twice a day for 1-2 weeks. After drug administration during the period of time, just one month later the child must be controlled again by the doctor.

Whereas if you have heartburn suffered very great and there are quite a lot of bleeding in the digestive tract, usually be treated at the hospital. Way of handling must diendoskopi first. After that will be given drugs that reduce stomach acid.

Meanwhile, to stop the bleeding that occurred, the patient will be fasting until the bleeding stops. Usually one to two days. And as a substitute for the entry of food, the child will diimfus as a substitute for food. Dr. Budi adds, "Also, notice their habits, set, do not forget to eat vegetables and do not drink too much milk."

He continued, if the high gas production, it will be given medicine to remove the gas. Whereas if a high acid, would be given anti-acid drugs. While antibiotics are rarely done, unless there is infection.

Once treated, it does not mean your child can not ulcer recurrence. Surely all this there is prohibition. "Like food, the child should not eat spicy, sour, eating lots of vegetables and fruit. Instant noodles do not get too much, because it's not good for children. Starchy snacks that many had to be reduced," warned Dr. Budi.

One more thing to remember, added Dr. Muzal, when caring for children who get ulcers in the home, preventing delivery of drugs that can stimulate the bacteria. Like, painkillers, because it would interfere.

"Besides giving the acidic foods like oranges and pineapples. Carbonated beverages are also not allowed," the late Dr. Muzal.
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