Fasting for Pregnant Women With Chronic heartburn

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Wednesday, 05/08/2009 10:44 AM
Klinik Sehat
with dr. Agus Rahmadi

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Doctor, I'm four months pregnant. I suffer from chronic illnesses who have chronic gastritis. Since pregnancy month two, the frequency began to frequent recurrence of heartburn. Just eat a little late, very painful heartburn, flatulence, nausea and vomiting. I do not get used to taking antacids if stomach ulcers recur.

Soon the month of Ramadan, although pregnant I also still want to run fast. On the other hand, I am concerned with the fetus and I suffered ulcer disease. Before pregnancy, I was still running fast as usual. In addition, I currently live in a country that interval of time between dawn and maghrib approximately 16 hours (to enter the summer).

What is the solution that I can fast with a safe and healthy? Please enlightenment from the doctor. Thank you in advance.

wassalamualaikum wr.wb


Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb.

Nuri Mother of mercy of Allah SWT, I hope my mother and family in a healthy condition wal afiat.
Case heartburn (dyspepsia) that mother nature is complex, because besides gastritis, the mother was pregnant and would soon face the fasting for Ramadan, which surely every Muslim wants to run this fast without a hitch.
Chronic dyspepsia is often a barrier for someone to run fast, so that appropriate care is needed so that the pain did not appear when we fast.
Mom still has time more than 15 days before entering the month of ramadan, hopefully by the time the mother can control there is a way of heartburn:
1. Industrious honey at least three times a day (starting with one tablespoon of honey diluted with one glass of plain water, then measure the honey stomach increased gradually until a strong mother received a honey without diluted with water).
2. Get used to eat little but often.
3. Avoid foods that stimulate, are like spicy foods, sour, too sweet, bersantan and soft drinks and foods that the ingredients are too oppressive.
4. Consult your doctor to get anti-H2, which serves to reduce gastric acid secretion.

Then when entering the month of fasting and fasting mothers running, then there are some things to watch for, among others:
1. Fixed make general recommendations in patients with dyspepsia (dyspepsia).
2. Strengthening the fasted with the intention of blessing from Allah SWT to expect.
3. Avoid breaking the fast with food that is too sweet, the mother should drink water or honey is diluted with water to break their fast.
4. Fast food portions divide into several parts, with due regard to the needs of mother and fetus.
5. If the ulcer disease gain weight because the mother was fasting, so disturb the intake of calories and is feared to affect the fetus, then she should cancel the fast.
Actually there are some herbal remedies and therapies that can be used to help heal chronic ulcer disorder, but because the mother was pregnant then we do not recommend.
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