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Eczema diaper

In addition to skin care routine, parents need to pay attention to skin care associated with some certain skin diseases. For example, eczema, diaper, the skin disorder resulting from inflammation in the napkin area. Skin diseases in infants and toddlers are a lot of parents complained.

These diseases generally occur in the skin folds of the thighs, between her buttocks, and can override the other skin parts. Sections closed diapers easily become inflamed because of his skin warm and moist and susceptible to bacteria and compounds that can mengiritasinya.

Eczema can be prevented by way of diaper changing diapers as often as possible every time the diaper was wet. We suggest cloth diapers are made of soft material and how its use is not too tight so that the skin is not rubbed. The use of plastic pants as far as possible be avoided.

Eczema diaper can also arise because of the sharp substances, which are usually present in infant faeces, which causes inflammation around the anus. Patches like this generally happens when the baby diarrhea. Birds can be done with changing diapers every time feels wet. Wipe all traces faeces from the body, jerky with protective cream. Check with your doctor if bercaknya has not lost in 10 days.

Wet diapers can also cause patches that are not centered around the anus. This occurs because the reaction between the substance inside ompol with substances in faeces and produce ammonia, which stimulates the baby's skin. Birds can change diapers as often as possible. Before the use of protective diaper cream rubbed the skin. If within 10 days there has been no progress, or even getting worse, there is the possibility of his skin had been infected with candida - a fungus that usually appears on the intestines. In that case, check with your doctor, who may give a special cream and also specific drugs to fight infection.

About the option of using cloth diapers or disposable diapers does not matter. In terms of the health of both are equally healthy. The important thing is not to late to change. For cloth diapers would be immediately replaced if looks wet. But for disposable diapers replacement frequency is based on the accommodation. For example, by seeing whether disposable diapers that are visible bulging or hanging. If so, it must be immediately replaced. Every time you change a diaper, the baby's bottom and surrounding areas should be wetted. Then sections were dried, then given a powder.

Often encouraged the use of baby oil in this section, to keep the urine is not easy to absorb into the skin. Of course this baby oil must be dropped first on a wad of cotton.

In baby girls, clean it should be from the top toward the anus, using a wet cotton. Whereas in male infants, with the foreskin pulled slowly so that the urine hole appeared, and then cleaned with wet cotton.

Complaints of other skin disorders encountered in children who are atopic dermatitis (eczema milk). Important note, that from the various studies proved to be no breast milk (milk) cause. Even his own mother's milk contains protective substances the body against allergies and infections. However, the name was already attached to milk eczema so maintained. While the medical term is atopic dermatitis (eczema in places that are not usually).

The disease is usually very itchy eczema milk. Visible from frequent scratching baby, anxious, and fussy. The skin looks reddish, and there are small bubbles containing clear fluid. When a rupture will look wet and then dry up and become yellowish or blackish scab. Eczema There are certain areas on the skin age-appropriate. For example in infants is usually found in the cheek area, while children in the area of grooves on the arm and the second notch of the knee. Outside the area dry and scaly skin.

The cause of this disease is very complex, influenced by several factors, both from within the body, ie heredity or environment, such as dust, heat, and humidity. Therefore the most important skin care is not to prevent dry skin.

Prickly heat

Prickly heat is also a common complaint that is often found in infants and toddlers. Often referred to as prickly heat or sweat also arise in areas buntet forehead, neck, and body parts covered with clothes. The main symptoms are itchy, may be accompanied by skin redness and small watery bubbles. This disease usually relapses repeatedly, especially when the air is hot and sweaty, causing problems in infants, toddlers, and parents. This disease can be prevented with routine maintenance, such as bathing regularly and wash the child's sweaty with a damp cloth before being dried and given a powder.

Often occurs red spots (rash) on the neck and armpits baby. This situation is caused by inflammation of the skin in that section. Could be due to dry this part is not true when wiped with a towel after bathing. Especially if the baby fat, so the neck and arms folded.

Room with sufficient air ventilation is strongly recommended, especially in big cities are hot and stuffy. Try toddler rooms were given a window width so that the exchange of air from outside into the room smoothly. From the prickly heat cases in infants and young children, nearly 70% can be overcome if the movement of air in the room so the room was cool current.

Quite apart from questions of health, skin care on infants and toddlers really express the love of parents to the baby. Their touch will greatly affect the physical and mental development of a child. (G. Sujayanto)


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