Preventing Diaper Rash

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Diaper rash (diaper rash) is a common disorder in infants. This interference was a lot of babies less than 15 months, especially in the age range from 8 to 10 months. Symptoms include reddish rash or blisters on the skin in the diaper area covered. Also, babies often look fussy, especially during diaper changing. Babies may also cry when the skin in the diaper area covered washed or touched.

To prevent diaper rash, the following measures may help:

1. Frequently changing diapers. Do not let the diaper which was wet because it holds a lot of urine for long used infants. Old contacts between the urine or stool with your baby's skin can cause diaper rash.
2. When cleaning the baby, who used to pat the area covered by a diaper (buttock, thigh, groin, and genital area baby) gently with a clean towel. Try to avoid rubbing the area hard.
3. Occasionally let your baby's bottom open (do not put diapers) for some time. This may be useful to keep the diaper area dry and clean.
4. Be careful in choosing a diaper, because some types of materials can stimulate diapers diaper rash. If that happens, replace another brand diapers more suitable.
5. If your baby's cloth diapers are used repeatedly, wash cloth diapers with detergent formula is not too hard. Avoid using fabric softener, because the fragrance in fabric softener can irritate baby's skin. Be sure to rinse the diaper with a good detergent that is not left in the diaper.
6. Avoid installing the diaper is too strong. Keep a space between the diaper with the baby's skin.

Hopefully by doing these steps, your baby's diaper rash is not affected (again).


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