Recognize the Child Temper Tantrum

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Brenda was crying, screaming and rolling on the floor because her mother demanded to buy toy cars in a hypermarket in Jakarta? Her mother had tried to persuade Andi and said that was a lot of cars at his home. But Andi became even more-so. His mother became awkward, embarrassed and helpless to face his son. On the one hand, she did not want to buy the toy because there are other needs more pressing. But on the other hand, if you do not buy it worry Andi would scream longer and louder, so everyone's attention and people might think he is a cruel parent. His mother became confused ....., and then finally he was forced to purchase a desired toy Andi. Is the Mother of action?

Temper Tantrum

The incident above is an event known as a Temper Tantrums or emotion explosive and uncontrolled. Temper Tantrum (hereinafter referred to as Tantrum) often occur in children younger than 15 (fifteen) months up to 6 (six) years.

Tantrum usually occurs in children active with abundant energy. Tantrum also more apt to occur in children who are considered "difficult", with characteristics as follows:

1. Have a habit of sleeping, eating and bowel irregularities.
2. It's hard to like the situation, food and new people.
3. Slow to adapt to change.
4. Moodnya (mood) is more often negative.
5. Easily provoked, it's easy to feel angry / upset.
6. Hard distracted.

Tantrum manifested in various behaviors. Below are some examples Tantrum behavior, according to age level:

1. Under the age of 3 years:
• Crying
• Biting
• Hitting
• Kicking
• Screaming
• squealing
• arch your back
• Throw the body on the floor
• Hitting-hand moves
• Hold breath
• head banging
• throwing things

2. The age of 3 - 4 years:
• behaviors mentioned above
•-stomping foot stomping
• Yelling
• Punching
• slammed the door
• Criticizing
• Whining

By Martina Rini S. Tasmin, SPSI.
Jakarta, 29 April 2002

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