Prevent infection with HPV causes Cervical Cancer

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d:2010-03-11 11:02:29 Cancer is a type of the most feared diseases, especially for the women of cervical cancer, or better known as cervical cancer. Cervical cancer begins with an infection HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and develop into precancerous and then become cancerous. For its development may take 3 to 20 years. No wonder people do not feel any symptoms before but suddenly the doctor convicted of cancer. WHO noted no less than 3000 people worldwide die from cervical cancer and Indonesia as the country recorded the second highest after China. Thus the Mother needs to be aware of this deadly disease by preventing HPV infection. Various kinds of prevention efforts can be done, such as:

• Vaccines
Cervical cancer is the only known cancer causes, and one can be prevented with vaccines. Do not forget the Mother of the vaccine should also continue to do other routine tests.

• Pap Smear
A Pap smear is a test of cervical mucus to determine the presence or absence of cancer cells in the cervix. Most patients come to the doctor after suffering from advanced-stage cervical cancer, therefore do a pap smear test regularly once a year.

• Change underwear or pads that have been felt damp, do not procrastinate because the fungus can grow and eventually cause infection.

• Avoid smoking due to the risk of cervical cancer is higher in active smokers

• Not having sex bergonta-free with partners. Risk of contracting the infection certainly far greater than those who only stay in touch with the couple.

• Enough nutritional needs of the everyday in an effort to banish the virus to grow in the body. Vitamins A, CE and folic acid, and green vegetables is highly recommended.

Look for lots of info about cervical cancer vaccine. Injecting the vaccine price was around Rp. 800 thousand - 1 million. For additional information could be given this vaccine at age 9-55 years, so Mother of the late princess teenagers can get it.

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