Recognize the Child Temper Tantrum2

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3. Age of 5 years and over
• these behaviors in the 2 (two) above the age categories
• Swearing
• swearing
• Hitting brother / sister or a friend
• Criticize yourself
• Solving the goods with the purpose
• Threatening

Factor Cause

There are several factors that can cause Tantrum. Among them are as follows:

1. Obstruction of a child's desire to get something.
Having failed to ask for something and still want it, the child may have used the method to suppress Tantrum parents to get what he wants, as in the case in the beginning.

2. The inability of children to express themselves.
The children have limited language, there are times when he wanted to express something but could not, and orangtuapun could not understand what is wanted. These conditions may trigger the child becomes frustrated and expressed in the form of Tantrum.

3. Unfulfilled needs.
Active child needs time and room enough to move and not be silent for a long time. If one day these children have a long journey by car (and the means for a long time he could not move freely), he will feel stress. One possible way of releasing stress is Tantrum. Another example: a child needs a chance to try new skills they have. For example 3-year-olds who want to try to feed themselves, or 4-year old son wants to get a drink of using glass containers, but not allowed by the parent or caregiver. So to vent anger or upset because it was not allowed, he used the method to Tantrum

4. Parents parenting
The way parents care for children also have a role to cause Tantrum. Children who are too pampered and
always get what you want, can Tantrum as the time the request was rejected. For children
that are too protected and dominated by his parents, once upon a time the child may be reacting against the dominance of the parent with Tantrum behavior. Parents who are inconsistent parenting can also cause the child Tantrum. For example, parents who do not have any clear pattern to prohibit any time to allow the child to do something and the parents who often threatened to punish but never punished. Children will be confused by parents and the Tantrum when parents actually punished. Or the father-mother who does not agree with each other, which allows one child, the other forbids. Children may be Tantrum to get his wish and consent of both parents.

5. Children feel tired, hungry, or in sickness.

6. Children under stress (due to school work, etc.) and because of feeling unsafe (insecure).

Tantrums in the book Secret to Calming the Storm (La Forge: 1996) many child development experts assess that Tantrum is a behavior that is still relatively normal, which is part of the development process, a period of physical development, cognitive and emotional children. As part of the development process, Tantrum episode would end. Some positive things that can be seen from the behavior Tantrum Tantrum is that the child wants to demonstrate its independence, to express individuality, his opinion, took out her anger and frustration and make adults understand if they were confused, tired or sick. However, it does not mean that Tantrum should be commended and encouraged (encourage).

If parents let Tantrum power (by allowing the child to get what he wanted after he Tantrum, as illustrated above) or react with punishments harsh and coercion-coercion, it means that parents are encouraging and give examples for children to act violent and aggressive ( when in fact their parents would not agree and do not want it). With the mistake in dealing with Tantrum, parents also lost a good opportunity to teach children about how to react to the emotions that are normal (anger, frustration, fear, annoyance, etc.) are reasonable and how to act in appropriate ways so as not to hurt self and others
when you're feeling the emotion.

The question most parents is the best way of dealing with children who have Tantrum. To answer these questions we try to give some suggestions on what actions should be done by parents to overcome this. These actions are divided into 3 (three) parts, namely:

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