Is Temper Tantrum?2

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There is no definite answer. However, there are important things that need to be considered by the parent / teacher:

1. Before the rampage in children:

* Parents / teachers should recognize emotions in him their first. The more we are adept at recognizing these emotions, the more calm the child's emotions.
* Give a good example, because we will serve as an example of a child.
* If we're angry salurkanlah our anger appropriately. Because children will easily record every event in the vicinity, both positive and negative.
* Children will adjust our behavior to the behavior. If we take the bait tantrum, tantrums will be more powerful.
* Provide adequate attention. Children need parents / teachers to express what he felt and thought. More and more attention is obtained, the more understanding of him. The more he understands himself, the child will be the happier.
* Find a baby sitter, when we will face that does not allow busy paying attention as usual
* Take a picture story book, and attract, dolls, nutritious snacks, etc.., If you will travel with him
* Negotiate and compromise. Discuss what to do with parents / teachers, involve or invite him to help, to discuss a solution that fun for children and parents / teachers.

2. By the time the child tantrum:

* Do not give attention
* Silence (quiet, walk away, not paying attention, looked at him without emotion) until the child is ready to talk
* Holding it firmly, without damaging that he felt safe
* Be firm but gentle, mature, caring, and positive
* Divert attention of children, for example by creating an atmosphere of humor, or involving children in other activities
* Beat tantrums in a firm voice that can surprise
* Do not beat or scold

3. After the storm passed:

* After the storm passed, the need to do is hug her.
* Explain what has happened
* Provide an understanding why it happened
* Tell me what behavior we want next time
* Unconscious child that tantrums are a way of communication that can not be accepted. There is another way to tell what he wanted to parents / teachers. We must be sure that in time he will learn other ways such.
* Teach children to practice to master and control his emotions, that is by way of him playing music, painting, playing ball, or other games. Through games, children will learn to accept defeat, to learn to not arrogant if you win, good sportsmanship, healthy competition. Never was taught to play dirty.
* Teach the difference between needs with desires. Children are entitled to all the needs (affection, warmth, etc.) but not all desires can be obtained.
* Set limits clearly and firmly. What extent can and should do, and what does not. Children need parents / teachers to limit their behavior.
* Teach your child choose within limits (You want to eat eggs or sausage? You want to play water or shower?).
* Try to be consistent. Consistent means always be the same. Once we apply certain rules in children, they will continue to apply the rules the same every time, in all places, and for anyone.
* Train children to not get our full attention, little by little. For example by initiating a short way and then gradually increase the time


* Children will learn that tantrums can make him get what he wants.
* Tantrums intensified
* Following the parents / teachers from one room to another
* Only tantrum when there are other people around
* Stop and start depending on whether the parents / teachers see it or not

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